Who Else Wants Continuous Improvement In Their Bench Press For Nearly A Year?

• Make continued upward progress
• No need to back cycle for up to 45 weeks
• Jump off MUCH earlier than that and still make incredible gains

Are you interested in making continuous progress on your bench press without a plateau for nearly a year?

Many people would love to, but they get stuck:

• Technique: They are technically “sub-optimal” in how they perform the movement
• Programming: They don’t know how to program to consistently increase strength as much as possible
• Mindset: They think they’ve maxed out their potential (but they haven’t) and don’t believe it’s possible for them to get any better

The truth is you don’t need to be a super-athlete to make massive progress on your bench press. Ordinary people can make extraordinary gains and I’m going to show you how.

Why You Should Listen To Me

My name’s Paul McIlroy, and I’m probably best known for being the creator and owner of the Amazing 12 body transformation program and online certification.

We’ve certified over 140 coaches around the world, and transformed over 8,000 lives, Body-for-Life champions, 6 Men’s Health Magazine cover model finalists, world champion powerlifters, national fitness model champions and more.

But what you might not know is that I’ve been a champion in many different sports, including the Bench Press, and a strength & conditioning specialist/coach to numerous national, and even world champions in the sport of powerlifting!

I’ve helped ordinary people achieve extraordinary strength on the bench press without the need for performance enhancing drugs or the lifestyle of a professional athlete, and now I’m gonna help YOU do the same!

I’ve made double bodyweight benchers from nothing and I’ve personally maintained a double bodyweight bench press myself over a 20 year period and a 20kg bodyweight increase, despite having monkey long arms and being lifetime natural.

Introducing The Bench Master Program

For the first time ever I’m giving the general public an opportunity to take a sneak peak behind the curtain of the Amazing 12 Online Certification.

I’m offering the entire A12 Bench Press technique section in this new product to go along with my entirely NEW and original Bench Master Program!

This new product is an absurdly detailed, online bench press master class:

• Extensive written material
• Dozens of instructional images
• 10 world class, Bench Press technique and demonstration videos
• One ENTIRELY original Bench Press program!

The Bench Master Program is totally unique in its construction, and allows you to make continued upward progress for up to 45 WEEKS without the need to back cycle!

But you can also jump off MUCH earlier than that and still have made incredible gains.

Bottom line: Continuous upward progress, without plateau, for nearly a YEAR! Significant improvement in the first 10-15 weeks.

Your Investment

Previously, this information has only been available to elite athletes who I have worked with or coaches who have paid as much as $10,000 to go through our elite certification that shares these technique coaching points for the bench press (as part of the entire certification).

This program will be sold for £199, but to celebrate its launch now, when you purchase the program today you’ll save 50% with our Early Bird Discount. This program’s fee is just £99 when you buy now.

What Does Success Look Like With The Product?

• A massively improved bench press (overall strength). You decide how far you want to take it (up to a full 45 weeks)
• Improved muscle mass (chest, arms, shoulders) (no more bird chest)
• Technical proficiency that will last a lifetime (thereby reducing your risk of injury for as long as you’re lifting weights in the gym)

Don’t stay stuck in a plateau that 99% of people stay in forever … or risk injury from poor technique and programming … or continue to make excuses as to why the bench isn’t for you