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Watch and learn as Amazing 12 creator and strength & conditioning specialist Paul McIlroy lays out the EXACT formula he used for creating world class success in the fitness industry, and shows you how to do the same.

Part 1 – Specialise to Optimise

Success in the fitness industry is predicated on many of the same principles that ensure success in other industries, and one of those principles is to offer less things but become truly GREAT at those things.  I’m not sure what Usian Bolt’s piano playing ability is like, but I CAN tell you he’s the fastest man in recorded history. Specialise to optimise!

Part 2 – The First 3 Keys

If you can find offerings that REALLY nail these 3 keys to defining your most optimal fitness business offerings then you’ll be most of the way towards high level success.

Part 3 – Profound Progress

Learn about the final 2 keys that make up the 5 keys to defining the most optimal offerings for the clients you serve in the fitness industry.

Part 4 – Avoid This Fatal Flaw

If profound, long term success in the fitness industry (or ANY industry) is what you want then you MUST avoid this kiss of death at all costs! Unfortunately, this mistake is one of the most common among fitness professionals today. Are YOU already guilty of this? If the answer is yes then don’t waste another minute moving in the opposite direction of where your success lies.

Part 5 – 12 Week Transformations

Learn how an OPTIMISED 12 week body transformation program can tick every box highlighted so far with more force than anything else. And discover why this will not only add the ultimate NEW string to your bow, but will also populate and strengthen the OLD strings that were already there.

Part 6-  Do No Harm

Whichever offerings earn their way onto your shortlist, they must not only be safe for the clients you serve, they must also be safe for the OTHER offerings that currently serve YOU and your business.  Finding offerings that play well with others and not only succeed on their own but enhance the neighbouring offering that they share space with can be a tricky affair. Watch and learn.

2 ways to Transform

There are two ways you can get transformed–a personal transformation of your physique and athletic performance through the A12 programs, or a professional transformation by becoming an A12 Coach / Business through our body transformation business opportunity. 

Find out about Amazing 12 body transformation programs and all options available for you to transform your physique and athletic performance. 


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